About us

Kritika Jain, the founder and creative director of Kayjay, bootstraped the brand in November 2021 right after completing her schooling, with very little knowledge in technicalities of fashion and extreme desire and passion in making something that everyone would adore and eventually end up wearing. 

From being the solo person employed full time, our team has now grown to 10 full time members! We are currently based in East Delhi with both our in - house manufacturing studio and a retail store in the same space.

Each garment is meticulously crafted in-house by our dedicated team in response to your specific request, ensuring that every piece is tailored to your individual style and preferences. By producing items on demand, we eliminate the need for excess inventory and drastically reduce the amount of fabric and resources wasted in traditional mass production methods.

Elevate your style guilt-free with KayJay. Made to order, zero wastage—because fashion shouldn't cost the Earth.